Who Fangirl Fashion Friday: “Cold War”

Happy Who Fangirl Fashion Friday! Hope this post finds you well and you are enjoying each of these posts. Fashion and Doctor Who are my greatest passions in life and it’s been great fun doing these features. I’ve really enjoyed searching for Clara’s look each time and I’m really excited about episodes to come! Doctor Who might be over for now but I hope these posts bring some fond memories and help everyone relive this series.


This week I had to get pretty creative with Fangirl Fashion and the choices I made with what to feature. In this episode we see Clara in a disco style skater dress ready for Vegas, but soon she’s soaked  in a submarine hiding from Ice Warriors. Usually Clara has really great looks, but this week was more of a costume than a wearable outfit, so I had to do some major wardrobe searching. It’s not exactly a great fashion moment for Clara, but I found these great pieces that reflect  the sheen and sparkle of her outfit (no pun intended.) Clara’s borrowed military coat also makes the wardrobe for this episode so a lot of the picks are military inspired. Clara is also seen in this episode with her signature gold jewelry, this time in the form of a charm bracelet style watch. Once again all of my items are under $50 and you can click through each photograph to get information on where to buy the item.

The Dress:

Let’s start with my favourite go-to wardrobe piece: the dress. Clara’s dress on this episode is very fitted with a great skater-style skirt, and that’s exactly what I was looking for when making this week’s post. I wanted to keep each piece in the same color palette to continue that uniform motif with the jacket, but I also wanted to have some fun with the idea of submarines, water, and disco. The first dress is a great “wetlook” dress with the leatherette sleeves from the UK shop “Select” for £12.Click on the photograph to get more information.


The second dress is a personal favourite of mine from Dorothy Perkins. I love the dip dye effect on the bodice of the dress and once again the skater style gives a great shape to any figure. The color and dye of the dress also continues the motif of water and uniformity which I love. Dorothy Perkins also gives student discount’s to anyone that signs up and they are constantly having sales. This dress is available for $35.


The Jacket:


Another essential in my wardrobe is the jacket. It brings together any outfit and allows variety in a wardrobe.This jacket is available from New Look for £19.99. In this episode it is really the jacket that makes Clara’s outfit, and this one is brilliant. This jacket has a great shape, it’s pretty light-weight so you could layer it with a lot of things and it has a great utility style belt that will create a nice waist. Usually military jackets are over-sized and frumpy, but this is tailored for a woman. This jacket also has a great collar and it looks very similar to the one Clara has been seen wearing in the 50th Anniversary filming.



The Shoes:

With the rest of this outfit I tried to keep it pretty trendy and casual, but decided to have some fun with the shoes. To go with her skater disco dress, Clara struts out in a glittered pump that is perfect for any adventure. The first pair that I found are pretty similar to the pumps worn by our companion except they trade the strap across the ankle for a bow and stud detail on the heel of the shoe. These pumps are the perfect height for any level of comfort seeker and are available for $40 at DSW. Click on photo for more information.



The next pair of pumps are quite different from Clara’s but they still are beautiful and share the same style as the ones previously shown. These pumps have a great heel, shape, and still have the subtle glitter motif which make them really wearable with any wardrobe combination. These pumps are available for $40 at BooHoo, click on the photo for more information.



For more “Cold War” Clara choices check out the outfit set below and click the photo for further information.


What has been your favourite look of the series? Let me know in the comments below, and check out next time for looks from “Hide” !


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