Know the List of Popular Movies of 2022

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Are you looking for the top Hollywood films of 2022 that you must watch or rent now? If so, watch one of these top 10 Hollywood films from 2022.The film industry in Hollywood is the most developed, glamorous, well-known, and elite in the world. It routinely produced mind-blowing, ground-breaking films. Hollywood’s widespread success can attribute to this. Additionally, this year saw the release of several highly anticipated Hollywood films. Here are the popular movies of 2022 must-see.


With a screenplay by Rafe Lee Judkins, Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway, Ruben Fleischer created the adventurous action franchise Uncharted. The tale is around an old mystery and treasure hunt squad, yet Columbia Pictures is part of the production crew. This fun throwback action thriller, which will debut in or around February 2022, is one of the popular movies of 2022. Despite having a $120 million budget, it made roughly $ 401.5 million at the box office.

Top Gun: Maverick

A follow-up to the popular action drama Top Gun from 1986 is Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick. In the follow-up, Cruise returned to the Top Gun academy to mentor a new class of students through an impossible assignment.

The Batman:

The Batman series is an action film with Robert Pattinson as the lead. With a $185–200 million budget, this movie made $770.3 million worldwide under the direction of Matt Reeves and under the management of Warner Bros. It was made available on March 2022. The plot centers on Batman, his personal life, and his quest to identify the offender and avenge justice.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

In the follow-up, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange made a comeback alongside Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch. Fans continue to praise Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness despite the film receiving mixed reviews and getting promoted as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first horror film.

Jurassic World Dominion:

A science fiction movie called Jurassic World Dominion will release in India on June 2022. It is among the top Hollywood films of 2022. This popular film gets made by Frank Marshall and Patric Crowley under Colin Trevorrow’s direction. Despite having a $185 million budget, this Hollywood production generated $637 million at the box office. This fantasy adventure story, which centers on dinosaurs, human hunts, and surviving on this planet, has grown to become one of the highest-grossing Hollywood movies of 2022.

Turning Red:

One of the biggest OTT Hollywood blockbusters of the year thus far is still Turning Red. The film’s main character, Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl who learns she can change into a red panda, is played by an entirely Asian cast. She struggles to balance being obedient to her mother and accepting the disorder of her youth. You can learn more about 99reel for these movies online.